Quiet Kat

The QuietKat company is from the Vail Valley, located in Eagle, Colorado. These mountains are a place where skiing, golfing, mountain biking, kayaking, hunting, fly fishing, and other adventurous ways of life are embedded into the culture. Just as it does for many, the Vail Valley became home to the twin brother-founders of QuietKat. The Roach brothers followed their passions in life and work and have become successful business owners doing what they love. Although the QuietKat company is new, with its viability launch in 2013, the Company’s structure is mature. The principles of QuietKat Inc. also own an industry leading outdoor marketing company called Urge Media, working with various hunting TV shows and product manufacturers. The companies together currently run operations in their owned manufacturing and business facilities in Eagle, CO. QuietKat has happy customers across the entire United States and internationally. We strive to provide the highest quality product and are continually working to improve and stay ahead of the competition. The KAT was originally designed as a portable electric all-terrain vehicle and we plan on keeping it that way. The vehicle is lightweight, silent, small enough to fit through the door or in the back of an SUV, and durable enough to handle any terrain.