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E-Rad Kit - 350w, 750w, 1000w - Price varies

POWER AT ITS CORE One of the most powerful electric bike motors available, ideal for heavy duty cargo hauling, blurs the line on legality shipping with 20 mph top speed limit but unlockable to ~40 mph for off-road use LESS WEAR AND TEAR Offers physical shift detection compatible with cassettes, internally geared hubs and CVT systems like NuVinci, this reduces drivetrain wear on the chain, sprockets and derailleur significantly LONG BATTERY LIFE Three battery size options (all run at 48 volts) with premium Samsung, Panasonic or Sanyo Lithium-ion cells, solid one year comprehensive warranty on all parts CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR STYLE Choose from trigger throttle or twist throttle (for left or right bar), you can wire in lights, the system lets you override pedal assist with the throttle and the display looks great.

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