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New Features

Now the AllMtn goes big for 2017, including a new geometry setup, larger 27" PLUS tyres and a whole new component set.

The first thing you'll notice with the 2017 xDuro AllMtn 8.0 is the Magura Boltron upside down forks. This fork has been developed by suspension specialists WP and Magura to offer a new fork specifically for eBikes. 

Designed for higher weight and a faster pace the Boltron forks offer 150mm of trail blazing travel while maintaining a lightweight structure. Fully air adjustable & easy to setup the rider can adjust the suspension is minutes ready for full attack.

The Haibike AllMtn 8.0 is fitted up with the latest FOX Float DPS Factory rear shock. With the new Dual Piston System, the rider can lock out, ride fully open, or select the mid stage mode of trail settings to conserve energy but it will still provide cushioning under pressure. 

Factory Series shocks also come Kashima coated for extra durability feature an additional 3 clicks of low-speed compression adjust in the Open mode. A fully versatile and adjustable shock for mixed terrain. Perfect!

The wider 3" Schwalbe Nobby Nic's are extra wide and suck up a lot more of the bumps. Also due to the wider tyre and dual compound construction, these tyres offer superior levels of grip over standard width tyres without compromising rolling resistance.

The stoppers on the 2017 xDuro AllMtn 8.0 are provided by Magura's new MT7 dual piston hydraulic disc brakes. 

The 2017 MT7's are developed around the harshest of conditions offering maximum braking control and minimum fade, due to the adjustable lever bite point. 

Considered one of the lightest yet most powerful brakes on the market. The perfect addition to any trail electric bike.

The 2017 AllMtn 8.0 comes as standard with a KS LEV-DX dropper post built in so you can raise and lower the seat at the flick of a switch on the handlebars, whilst on the move.

Haibike are the only electric bike manufacturer to mount the motor with the swing arm pivot bolt in a raised position ensuring the rear end is much shorter than any other eMTB. This ensures a shorter wheelbase for the ultimate control and manoeuvrability off road. 

The chain is impossible to drop due to the exclusive Haibike S.E.S. (Sprocket Equalising System). This raises the chain off the front sprocket up to the same level as the swing arm pivot point so the chain is not affected by the rear end moving up & down over bumps. 

Haibike have equipped the new Sram EX1 drive train on the AllMtn 8.0, which is designed specifically for eBikes. 

Sram have developed the worlds first eBike system with wide ratio 8 speed changing. 

This new system is engineered for higher torque and low cadence shifting across the spectrum, the idea being you don't need so many incremental gears on an eBike. 

A quick change with bigger ratios all makes sense as you change gear the extra ratio is apparent, combined with the eBike motor and you are quickly pushing away without realising! 

This newly refined electric bike mech with the massive wide range 11 - 48t cassette gives ratios previously unheard of!

To finish the Haibike xDuro AllMtn 8.0, Haibike have fitted a lightweight wheel set with wide rims for PLUS tyres. Also for the controls we see wider 780mm bars on a thicker 35mm stem for extra stability and they also look the part too!

The xDuro AllMtn 8.0 is the top spec All mountain bike from Haibike for 2017, there's nothing you need to change.. Just hit the trails!

Bosch CX & Purion eBike System

The new Haibike xDuro AllMtn 8.0 2017 eBike also features the latest Bosch Performance CX crank drive motor, so you can be sure it's fitted with the latest kit and setup for optimum performance. 

The new 250w CX system outputs 75Nm of torque & peaks at 500w! It certainly packs a punch, it will also offer up to 300% assistance in turbo mode. Featuring 4 levels of assistance & remember you can always turn the power off and ride it as a normal bike!

This machine rolls just the same as a normal cycle. In fact the quality in the design, geometry & build make it a true performer! The Haibike AllMtn 8.0 features the brand new Bosch 500Wh PowerPack Battery for 2017 so it hosts the most range possible on a Bosch powered electric mountain bike. 

For 2017 Haibike have equipped the new Bosch Purion display, a revised smaller dash that offers quick vision of essential parameters whilst maintaining a minimal amount of cockpit space. 

Read more in depth articles about the Bosch eBike system on our Blog information pages.

Whats included? 

This electric bike comes fully set-up by our workshop technicians. You can be sure that every aspect of the eBike has been dialled in for optimum performance. All our electric bikes arrive with a user manual, keys, charger & free follow up service within 3 months.

Our electric bikes also include a 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on all the electrics & 1yr warranty on the components. In the event of a problem, we handle all warranty claims in-house. We can also offer worldwide support for customers further afield using a laptop or PC connected to the internet, combined with our diagnostic equipment.

*Pre-Order Terms: Reservations are final, deposits non-refundable & provided on a first come served, queued basis. Once your order is logged, we will be in touch when the bikes arrive. Your bike will be prepared with any optional parts you request on arrival.

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