Custom-Built Electric Bikes and Trikes

*Important Notice*

For the safety of our mechanics and our customers, the Colorado E Bikes service department will be temporarily closed due to COVID-19 starting March 26, 2020. At the moment we plan to reopen on April 11, 2020, but that date is subject to change based on the recommendations of the CDC. We are still available for phone calls (970-242-3126) during our normal business hours if you have any questions, concerns, or online pickup orders. We hope everyone stays safe and as active as possible!

Looking for a specific type of ride, but none of the production models suiting your needs? One of our specialties here at Colorado E Bikes is taking an existing bike, and adding electric functionality through the use of a mid-drive assist kit. You can choose between several power levels and battery sizes to fit your specific needs. Not looking for a bike? Most of our custom builds are actually made out of recumbent trikes! Come check out our selection of recumbent trikes to see how one might benefit you!

Custom Bicycle

Looking for the Ultimate in ebike performance? We can take any bike, from road bikes to fat tire bike, and add our signature flavor of riding style. We can also do full builds from bare frames. 

Custom Recumbent

Recumbent trikes have become our most popular product when doing custom builds. With this riding style, we can fit many needs, from accessibility aids and commuting vehicles, to off-road beasts. 

Custom Upright Trike

Looking for a traditional style trike that can climb hills efficiently? Look no further than a custom traditional trike from Colorado E Bikes.

Terra Trike
Cat Trike
Sun Seeker


Tune-Custom Build Labor Prices

$350-$500 (Depending on model and complexity)

Let us do the hard part and build your custom ride the way only we can.

Custom steel work for battery mount.

Low-profile cable routing for clean look.

Shift sensor integration for optimal ride smoothness.

Ready in 3-7 days on average after all parts arrive.

Fully test ridden to work out the kinks.