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Electric/Gas Motor Kits

Leisure Solar Easy Power-To-Go Deluxe
Built in Grand Junction, CO! Easy Power-To-Go Solar Generator with LiFePO4 battery Completely silent, safe, no fumes, no maintenance gas-less generator The easiest and best way to charge your E-Bike on your outdoor adventures! Hooks right up to the 100W solar power panel. Generates enough power for coffee pots, blow driers, crock pots, etc. Great for charging laptops, tablets, smart phones. State-of-the-art design and components. Come in to the shop to see a demonstration. Model: EZ-PTG-Deluxe (carry style case, <43lbs) Power Out: 120VAC at 9A Capacity: 100AH, 1.2KWH, Lithium battery Battery life: >3000 cycles Outlets: Dual 120VAC, Single USB-A Inlets: Dual Anderson, Dual Banana Accessories Supplied EZ-PTG-DELUXE Solar Generator with LiFePO4 battery EZ-PTG-11A 11 amp wall charger (120V) 110 Watt Solar Panel Water-Proof Case User Manual
TerraTrike Boost Kit (Bosch)
Turn your TerraTrike into an E-Trike with our Boost Kit. Powered with Bosch's ActiveLine Plus Mid Drive Motor, PowerPack 400WH Lithium Ion battery and Purion console, you'll enjoy the added assist an e-trike can provide. The Boost Kit Includes: - Bosch ActiveLine Plus Mid Drive Motor - Bosch PowerPack 400Wh Battery - Purion Console - Crank Arms (No Pedals) - Boom - Compatible with the following TerraTrike models: Rambler, Rambler All Terrain, Gran Tourismo, and Traveler (the Traveler requires additional hardware for mounting -- check with your dealer). - No option for 26" wheel (all models).
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